Matt Jaworski

About Me

Professional Nerd, Entrepreneur, Biker, Surfer, Traveller

Born in 1986 in Poland, I have lived two years in Germany in my mid-twenties, and after that half a decade (so far) between Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand. Currently based in Ubud (Bali, Indonesia).

Food is one of my biggest passions, so I always have to find myself something "fit" to do in order to stay in shape. In the past it was running and calisthenics, more recently surfing, some gym and lots of yoga. I love motorbikes and spend a lot of time just riding around Southeast Asia soaking in the breathtaking views and experiences.

Professionally speaking I am a programmer (web developer) with over a decade of exprience. I am lucky enough to have turned my passion for software into a job, and one that allows me to travel the world.

I am the CTO of PeepSo, Inc - a Delaware Corporation I co-founded together with my best friend Eric Tracz. In the past months we are launching a spin-off software house called Garuda Plugins.



The Next Generation Social Networking Plugin For WordPress

PeepSo is a modern, advanced and beautiful Social Networking solution for the WordPress blogging platform. I have founded it together with my best friend Eric (he is the CEO and I am the CTO).

Together with a team of amazing engineers and developers from around the world, we are creating a tool for everyone to build their own online community revolving around their business, cause, school or any other organisation. Allowing the people to create their own digital tribe without the limitations of mainstream social media, we empower them to truly build, share and monetize on their mission, dream and/or business model.

Garuda Plugins

Garuda Plugins

Beautiful WordPress Plugins

Garuda Plugins is a new software house based on the foundation of the amazing PeepSo team and belonging to the PeepSo Group. Currently under construction, it will be focused on building beautiful WordPress software.


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If you have questions, suggestions or would like to discuss any ideas, you are welcome to send me an email to