Matt Jaworski

Level 37

Legendary Nerd

Hello there!

My name is Matt and I am a professional nerd with over 15 years of experience.

My primary focus since 2015 is building PHP-based WordPress plugins, but in 2023 I have ventured into building a Python-driven WordPress SAAS. In my spare time I dip my toes in machine learning with Python.

You might have met me at one of the WordCamps (Vienna, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Jakarta...) where I participated and/or talked about the future of PHP.

Or perhaps you have heard about some of the projects I worked/freelanced for before founding my own companies: JomSocial, CloudAccess, BlaBlaCar, CD Projekt Red.

My current projects

Being co-founder at PeepSo, Inc. (PeepSo, Almighty Support, awedesk) and founder of MJWP, LLC (Listo), my day-to-day tasks are nearly evenly split between being a lead developer and a product manager & team leader while generally leaving corporate operations, marketing, landing pages and customer care to other managers.

As a lead developer, I design the architecture and do hands-on programming of the most interesting and/or important parts of the products. I also oversee code reviews and automated testing and am responsible for the overall stability and quality of the code.

As a product manager, I maintain development sprints, prioritize and delegate tasks to other developers. Similar to code quality, the overall quality of the UI/UX of the products is my responsibility as well.

Software As A Service

Coming in 2024

SAAS helpdesk platform for small and medium teams, designed as a lightweight competitor to Zendesk and similar solutions. Based on modified WordPress and Almighty Support, instances are launched and managed with a custom built suite of Python scripts

Paid WordPress plugin

Since 2023

A highly intuitive & easy to use helpdesk WordPress plugin. With unlimited departments, agents, email piping, it's a complete support tickets solution.

Paid WordPress plugin

Since 2023

A beautiful and modern to-do & reminders WordPress plugin. Featuring kanban boards and (in the near future) team collaboration, it aims to centralize project/product/content/ management inside your WordPress website.

Freemium WordPress Plugin

Since 2017

A WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily add a social network or an online community right inside your WordPress site.

Hard skills

Nerd Power

If it's code, I can learn it

I am comfortable in any technical environment, and like to think I can learn anything if needed. Most recently I have worked mostly with REST API based PHP & MySQL solutions, with some JavaScript/JQuery and CSS/Sass/Less sprinkled occasionally.

I am also working a lot with Python combined with shell scripts and various utilities (such as WP CLI, WP Toolkit, CPanel/WHM API) building extensive server side automations. After hours I am diving into machine learning with Python.

While I do have a general knack for UI & UX, I utilize it mostly as a product manager. As an engineer I prefer to work on the backend, as I never really had much love JS, CSS and their derivatives.

In addition to specific programming languages, I am well versed in the usual tools of trade: linux, servers, version control (git), etc.

Business Sense

Translating from "corporate" to "engineer" (and back)

Translating business concepts and product/feature ideas into technical requirements and architecture is probably my favorite part of the job. As an expert in big-picture thinking and architectural design, I excel at paving the road from business goals to actual engineering solutions. This skill works both ways - it allows me to explain technical ideas and issues to non-programmers so that we can always find common ground.


A new language is not just new words, it's a new way to think

I am a native Polish speaker, but nowadays consider English my first language. I am quite comfortable with Spanish, and if pressed hard I can also unearth my rusty German. My first priority when visiting (or moving to) a new country is its culture, language and food.

Soft skills


The art of communication is the language of leadership

As a seasoned product manager, I believe in effective yet empathetic communication style. I specialize in distilling complex goals into clear directives. Constructive criticism of my ideas is encouraged, as I do not believe I always have the best answers. These skills helped me successfully drive our daily product development for many years.


Great things in business are never done by one person

I'm committed to building a collaborative environment, maximizing each team member's strengths, amplifying our collective potential. Having always worked with people from around the globe, I always make sure to learn about their culture and customs, to ensure a respectful and frictionless cooperation.


Look for solutions, not blame.

With primary focus on achieving measurable outcomes, I lead with a "solution-first" mentality. I cultivate a culture that values solutions over pointing fingers, ensuring the teams are geared towards success and rapid innovation, rather than fear of failure.

May the Force be with you!